Bucket Protections and Linings

Dump trucks, essential in the transport of heavy and abrasive materials in mining, are subjected to extreme wear conditions during loading and unloading.

The resulting damage can be costly for the bucket and the overall integrity of the dump truck.

In this context, PRODUR’s dump truck bucket linings emerge as the ideal solution, maximizing availability and performance while reducing maintenance costs.

High-Quality Anti-Abrasion Steel Liners:


PRODUR’s dump truck bucket linings are manufactured from highly wear and impact-resistant anti-abrasion steel.

The use of this special steel provides the bucket with a lifespan up to six times longer compared to traditional standard steel linings.

When replacement is necessary, the modular design allows for the replacement of only a few individual lining modules, simplifying the operation.


Personalized Tracking with Reference Numbers:


Each lining is assigned a reference number, facilitating its tracking throughout its manufacturing and installation, and designating it for future replacement.

A detailed overall plan is provided upon delivery of the linings, ensuring optimal management of the entire process.

With PRODUR’s dump truck bucket linings, wear protection becomes a tangible reality. Exceptional durability, ease of installation, adaptability to specific needs, and personalized tracking make these linings the perfect solution to maximize the longevity of dump trucks while minimizing maintenance costs.

Invest in reliability with PRODUR, your partners in performance in the mining sector.


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