Wear-resistant hydrocyclones & distributors


Faced with the constant challenge of wear in hydrocyclones, Produr positions itself as an essential expert, providing innovative solutions to preserve operational efficiency

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The lifespan of our ceramic linings for hydrocyclones & distributors is 3 to 5 times longer than wear-resistant polymer linings.

Our expertise

Produr offers you a wide range of specially designed resistant materials for your distributors and hydrocyclones.

From dimensioned plans or on-site surveys conducted by us, we redesign and manufacture new distributors lined with ceramics.

We can modify their internal geometry to ensure smoother pulp movement and reduce wear, while maintaining input and output flow rates and speeds.


The solutions take into account your needs, types of wear, and the specificities of your equipment:

  • The characteristics of your equipment remain unchanged.
  • Measurement taking includes positioning and dimensioning of supports.
  • Assembly is carried out in situ, replacing existing boxes through the use of adaptation flanges.


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Wear-resistant materials for hydrocyclones & distributors


The use of advanced technical ceramics tailored to each zone of the cyclone allows for optimizing the overall lifespan of the device. Ceramic Durhart 200 is used for the head and upper parts of the cone.

Ceramic Aldur 240 is used for the lower parts of the cone and for the spigots, ensuring a constant cut for the latter, thus facilitating downstream processing operations.

The parts are monolithic; therefore, there is no risk of delamination of the coating, as it is securely held within its metal envelope by a specific mortar.

Wear resistant product

The service life of our ceramic coatings for hydrocyclones & dispensers is 3 to 5 times longer than wear-resistant polymer coatings.


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