Creusabro: High Performance Wear Resistant Steel

Creusabro®: High-temperature resistance: 450°C

Creusabro®: In-service hardening, up to +70 HB

The mining industry, demanding and unforgiving, requires materials that can withstand the most extreme conditions. Enter Creusabro®, revolutionizing how we approach wear resistance in mining operations. As a trusted partner of PRODUR, explore how Creusabro® redefines standards in durability and performance




A Unique Metallurgical Concept

Creusabro® goes beyond the mere hardness of steel in its delivered state. Its chemical composition and metallurgical structure are meticulously designed to influence performance in service. The TRIP effect (Transformation Induced by Plasticity) is at the heart of this revolution.


The TRIP Effect: Durability Paired with Exceptional Workability

Initially, Creusabro®’s moderate hardness facilitates cutting and bending operations compared to conventional hardened steels. However, it is in service that Creusabro® unveils its true power. Under the impact of rocks or the pressure of abrasive particles, it undergoes surface hardening (+70 HB), significantly enhancing its wear resistance.

High-Temperature Properties: Unmatched Performance

The unique composition of Creusabro®, particularly its Nickel and Molybdenum levels, provides superior resistance to hot softening compared to conventional water-quenched 400 HB steels. Workable at temperatures ranging from 500 to 550°C, its thermostability allows for use in aggressive environments up to 450°C.


Abrasion/Tearing Resistance: A Decisive Advantage

Creusabro® also excels in its ability for plastic deformation upon impact. Its enhanced ductility delays tearing caused by abrasive particles, ensuring a slower wear rate than conventional water-quenched steels.

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Unrivaled Lifespan: Assurance of Sustainable Performance

In any service conditions, Creusabro®’s original metallurgical concept provides a significant enhancement in wear resistance and workability compared to traditional water-quenched steels. Suited for extreme applications, Creusabro® stands out when severe abrasion, massive impact, heat, or moderate corrosion conditions come into play.



The Perfect Alliance of Performance and Workability

Creusabro® represents more than just a wear-resistant material. It is a perfect blend of enhanced performance and unparalleled wear resistance. For demanding mining operations, it is the choice that provides exceptional durability while streamlining manufacturing processes.

At PRODUR, as the official distributor of Creusabro®, we take pride in bringing you this revolutionary technology. Choose Creusabro® and transform the durability of your mining equipment.


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