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With the widest range of anti-wear materials on the market, we collaborate with our clients to develop sustainable solutions that enhance the reliability of their machinery, equipment, and installations.

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The widest range of anti-wear materials.

The pillars that make us proud



Our solutions are developed from a range of wear-resistant materials that the men and women of Produr have mastered for generations. For us, industrial performance aims to achieve operational excellence, meaning technical leadership and service excellence. Our historical mastery of wear-resistant materials allows us to test, refine, and enhance what has always been present.

With pride, our top technicians offer our best solutions to our clients, and we implement our strong ability to anticipate their needs, creating real added value.



Produr is a dynamic team of men and women; our guiding principles are commitment, responsiveness, and dedication. We take our clients’ projects to heart, from the workshop to the field, and we are proactive in our solutions, thanks to a comprehensive understanding of the entire value chain in our industry.

Every day, every man and woman at Produr contributes to building unique solutions for a sustainable and protected future.



At Produr, there are blue-helmeted salespeople in the field and workshop operators working together to create new opportunities for our clients. Each person contributes their part and passes on their know-how to the next generations.

As each project is unique and our profession is driven by passion, we advocate for versatility, collective intelligence, and knowledge transfer. For us, solutions would not exist without the people who create hem.

Client first


We put our technical leadership at the service of our clients’ projects. Far from offering ready-made solutions, we immerse ourselves in their world and build unique, tailor-made solutions perfectly adapted to their challenges.

Our workshop-manufactured parts are specifically designed for each project. For our clients, we aspire to uncompromising reliability.

1973 - Savoy Découp

Originally, Produr was called Savoy Découp. Savoy Découp was the first partner involved in the development of Hardox steel, from the Swedish steelmaker SSAB in France, in the 1980s.

At the same time, Savoy Découp expanded its offerings beyond sheets by investing in equipment suitable for processing hardened steels (cutting, bending, machining) to provide components.

1990 - Produr

Savoy Découp created a department named ‘Produr’ with the aim of providing wear-resistant solutions to its clients and expanding its product range by including new wear-resistant materials such as ceramics, clad plates, and polymers.

Over time, Savoy Découp observed that its core business was shifting towards offering reliability-focused services, leading to the transformation of the company into Produr.

As a result, Produr and SSAB went their separate ways. Leveraging its expertise in hardened steels and their processing, Produr launched its own product range, Dursteel

2012 - Welding Alloys

Produr joined the Welding Alloys Group, a leader in the manufacturing of flux-cored welding wires and clad plates.

This collaboration enhances Produr’s capabilities in terms of vertical integration and economic performance, as well as in terms of technological resources, given that WA France has a metallurgy laboratory and R&D personnel.

2020 - Industeel

On March 1, 2020, Produr became the official distributor for Creusabro abrasion-resistant steels in France, produced by Industeel, a subsidiary of the ArcelorMittal Group. Specializing in alloy and stainless steels, Industeel produces hot-rolled sheets, ingots, and formed parts in special steels.

Produr then markets Creusabro 4800, 8000, and Dual. An exclusive and patented range of advanced steels resistant to wear and impact abrasion.

  • 1973 - Savoy Découp
  • 1990 - Produr
  • 2012 - Welding Alloys
  • 2020 - Industeel

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Our community

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At PRODUR, the UPGRADE is our ability to enhance and extend the lifespan
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À propos de Welding Alloys

Produr is a member of the Welding Alloys Group, which is present in over 150 countries and territories through a network of more than 30 subsidiaries.

Founded in 1966, the Welding Alloys Group specializes in industrial solutions and currently has over 1200 employees and experts in various disciplines.

With comprehensive expertise in the fields of alloyed cored wires, welding equipment, rebuilding, and assembly, the Welding Alloys Group is a leader in its industry.

Welding Alloys

À propos de Welding Alloys