Produr asserts itself as the preferred partner, providing wear-resistant solutions to maximize the durability and efficiency of these essential equipment in material processing

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The Creusabro 8000 linings have a lifespan twice as long as traditional 450HB steel linings

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Each grinder or crusher is susceptible to different types of wear, such as abrasion, impacts, and tearing.

At Produr, we design mill/crusher linings tailored to your facilities and the type of ore being processed.

Thanks to our adaptable lining solutions, you can easily and swiftly replace worn parts, ensuring their effectiveness against wear phenomena.

Our expertise in wear management allows you to maximize the lifespan of your wear parts, optimize the performance of your mills and crushers, all while reducing maintenance downtime.


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Milling & Crushing Linings

For Wear Phenomena :

Anti-Abrasion Steel (Dursteel® and Creusabro®): Engineered to withstand moderate to high wear, these steels provide strong resistance in demanding conditions.

Overlay Plates (Duraplate®) and Technical Ceramics (Aldur 240 ® or Durhart 200 ®): These coatings deliver robust defense against wear, tailored to various wear intensities.

To Reduce Noise Pollution :

Abrasion-Resistant Rubber (Durgum ®): In addition to protecting against wear, this material effectively reduces noise, ensuring quieter operation of your equipment.

The Creusabro 8000 linings have a lifespan twice as long as traditional 450HB steel linings.

Creusabro ®

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