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Creusabro 8000 extends the lifespan by at least 50% compared to a standard 450HB abrasion-resistant steel.

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Whatever challenges you face, be it abrasive wear, clogging, or loss of payload, Produr can provide expertise in the redesign and improvement of your wheel excavator buckets.

At Produr, our wheel excavator buckets are tailor-made, offering interchangeability tailored to your goals, working environment, and excavator.

Our approach enables us to diagnose the wear on your equipment and provide the most suitable solution to optimize your mining operations

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Wear-resistant materials for buckets

We offer advanced solutions to optimize wheel excavator buckets, taking into account the specific challenges encountered in the field.

To counter the inherent ore abrasion, our buckets can be crafted from high-quality abrasion-resistant steel, such as Dursteel 410. Interchangeable cutting edges can also be manufactured using Dursteel, while interchangeable teeth can be designed with Creusabro ®.

In response to the challenge of ore-induced clogging, we can integrate anti-clogging liners and a chain bottom. This innovation offers significant advantages: during bucket overturning, the flexible bottom and liners facilitate complete emptying, enabling 100% utilization of the plant’s payload capacity

Our custom adaptations ensure optimal performance in the most demanding mining environments.

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The adoption of Creusabro® increases the longevity of your buckets by 5 to 10 times compared to those made from conventional abrasion-resistant steel.

Creusabro ®

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