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The operational performance is contingent upon the payload and rotation rate of mining dump trucks. Weight and wear stand as the top adversaries to these equipment. Explore our solutions to enhance and combat wear effortlessly.

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Our kits of anti-abrasion steel liners boast a lifespan 5 to 10 times longer than those made of construction-grade steel.

Our expertise

Starting from your dimensioned plans or measurements taken by our team, Produr offers customized lining options and produces ready-to-implement shielding kits.

  • Thicknesses are determined based on stresses and payload considerations
  • The kits are precisely plasma-cut,
  • each piece is labeled,
  • welding plug locations are incorporated during the cutting process
  • The straightforward implementation is carried out on-site by your welding teams

The primary materials employed to extend the lifespan of your dump trucks are anti-abrasion steels

These steels used to create liners for dump truck beds must meet four essential criteria :

  • High resilience to withstand impacts during loading
  • High yield strength to reduce deformations
  • Superior resistance to wear
  • Easy welding implementation on the construction site
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Liners for Mining Dump Trucks and Haulers Kits


Produr offers three grades of anti-abrasion steel that meet these criteria :

Dursteel 410, a quality compromise between higher yield strength and elevated wear resistance;

Creusabro 4800, superior anti-wear steel thanks to the ‘TRIP’ effect;

Creusabro 8000, combining superior yield strength and anti-wear resistance through the ‘TRIP’ effect.”

All three are easily weldable

The lifespan of our shielding kits is 5 to 10 times longer compared to a structure made of construction-grade steel.

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