Case Study: Hydraulic Distributor

In the mineral processing industry, the longevity of equipment is essential for maintaining smooth operations. One of the key challenges faced by a plant was the limited lifespan of its hydraulic distributors feeding hydrocyclones. These components, subjected to high-speed abrasive mineral slurry, were previously coated with rubber, exposing the plant to the risk of unexpected and costly shutdowns.

To address this issue, our experts innovated by designing a distributor coated with technical ceramic Durhart 200. This material offers exceptional abrasion resistance, perfectly meeting operational constraints.

Paired with a specific fixing method ensuring the stability of the tiles, this distributor delivered top-notch performance.

Furthermore, improvements to the internal geometry of the distributor optimized the flow, thereby limiting wear from tangential abrasion.

These modifications had a significant impact: the distributor’s lifespan was tripled.

This extension of durability led to substantial savings, reducing maintenance downtimes and eliminating leaks.

This successful partnership with our client demonstrates the importance of targeted innovation and advanced engineering in the industry.

The results highlight the ability of these advancements not only to extend the lifespan of equipment but also to strengthen profitability and operational efficiency.