Reliability Improvement of a Jaw Crusher

Lining with Creusabro 8000, wear resistance 40 to 50% higher than conventional 500HB steels

What are the risks faced by our client due to their worn jaw crusher?

  1. Loss of efficiency/productivity during crushing
  2. Increase in unplanned maintenance operations
  3. Significant and repetitive repair costs
  4. Compromised safety for employees working nearby
  5. Higher electricity consumption as the machine exerts more force


One of our experts visited the site to study the wear phenomena and the type of jaw crusher to be made more reliable.

Our client was using a standard 450 HB anti-abrasion steel with a thickness of 40 mm. However, the wear caused by this type of equipment was so significant that it was no longer sufficient.

Produr, therefore, proposed a solution with Creusabro® 8000 anti-abrasion steel. This steel has a unique metallurgical composition (enriched with Chrome, Nickel, Molybdenum) and a specific heat treatment (oil quenching).

Its wear resistance is 40 to 50% higher than conventional 500 HB steels.

It is particularly resistant in cases of extreme wear with violent impacts, such as in jaw crushers (or even in linings for hoppers, chutes, screens, etc.).

Based on existing dimensions, Produr constructed side crusher linings using Creusabro® 8000, and the results observed at our client’s site are astonishing


Materials Compared

Crushed tonnage

Acier 450 hb –  40 mm

4 297 t/mm d’usure

Creusabro® 8000 –  40 mm

6 366 t/mm d’usure


The Creusabro® 8000 lining has doubled the lifespan of the jaw crusher!

Our client benefits from increased productivity by +2,000 tons compared to their previous solution.

Maintenance operations have been spaced out, planned, and less costly due to the increased lifespan of their crusher.

In conclusion, a simple wear phenomenon can be the cause of a significant loss of efficiency within your processing plant: it is Produr’s mission to succeed in making your processing plant more efficient.

Are you facing a similar issue? Our experts are at your disposal to find the most suitable solution for your needs.


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