Making your hydrocyclone distributors more reliable

50 years’ experience in the processing of abrasion-resistant steels

Over 100,000 tonnes of abrasion-resistant steel processed

What are the main issues encountered with the equipment?

The feed boxes of hydrocyclones are key elements in the ore preparation process.

Detachment of rubber linings, altering the pulp distribution between the cyclones; Punctures in the feed boxes requiring the shutdown of the mill and pumps for the repair or replacement of the affected equipment.

These incidents decrease production capacities due to unplanned stops for the repair or replacement of the relevant devices.

The Solution: Enhance the reliability of distribution boxes with PRODUR

Using dimensions from blueprints or on-site surveys conducted by our team, Produr redesigns and manufactures new distributors entirely coated with ceramics. In some cases, their internal geometry can be modified to ensure smoother pulp flow and reduce wear. Input and output flow rates, as well as velocities, are maintained.

The devices retain identical characteristics;

Measurement taking includes positioning and sizing of supports;

Connections with the feed, valves, and cyclones are precisely measured;

Installation is done in place of existing boxes using adaptation flanges.

The use of advanced technical ceramics tailored to each area of the box significantly extends the device’s lifespan. Durhart foundry ceramic is used for cylinders and cones, while the cover is coated with Aldur ceramic.

Furthermore, cylindrical and conical parts are monolithic; hence, there is no risk of lining detachment, as the coating is secured within its metal shell by a specific mortar.