Case Study: Excavator Wheel Buckets

In the demanding context of the mining industry, equipment reverse engineering has reached new heights through an exceptional initiative led by Produr.

As a strategic partner, Produr collaborated with a mining company to significantly enhance the performance of excavator wheel buckets, addressing persistent challenges related to abrasion and ore clogging.

To counter the uncompromising abrasiveness of the ore, Produr reimagined the bucket design, using advanced materials to enhance their resistance.

The buckets were meticulously crafted from abrasion-resistant Dursteel 410 steel, while the interchangeable cutting edges (No. 4) were made from Dursteel 510.

Simultaneously, the teeth, also interchangeable (No. 9), were manufactured from Dursteel 410.

This targeted engineering strategy significantly increased the robustness and durability of the equipment.

However, the challenge was not limited to abrasion alone.

In addition to being abrasive, the ore tended to clog the equipment, thereby reducing operational efficiency.

To overcome this issue, Produr introduced innovative adaptations: the integration of anti-clogging linings and the addition of a chain bottom.

This solution provided a major advantage: during bucket overturning, the flexible bottom and linings facilitate complete bucket emptying, allowing for the 100% utilization of the equipment’s useful capacity.



The “Produr, Protect to Endure” initiative not only reflects Produr’s commitment to providing innovative and tailored solutions but also signifies its determination to optimize the performance of mining equipment in challenging operational environments.