Bi-Metal Shields : DURCAST


DURCAST achieves the impossible: making highly wear-resistant white cast iron easily weldable.

DURCAST: Weldable White Cast Iron

Very high wear resistance

DURCAST® Block : The Perfect Union of Steel and Cast Iron for Ultimate Wear Resistance


As part of the range of high-performance materials carefully selected by PRODUR, the DURCAST® wear block is composed of chrome-molybdenum cast iron blocks metallurgically bonded to a weldable S235 steel base.

White cast irons, renowned for their hardness and exceptional wear resistance, often pose challenges for welding and fastening techniques due to their brittleness. On the other hand, S235 steel is a relatively easy-to-work material but offers limited anti-wear performance.

By cleverly combining these two materials, the DURCAST block is achieved. This hybrid material leverages the positive properties of each component, providing an optimal solution for demanding applications.


High ease of welding
Easy formability
Ability to withstand shocks (shock-absorbing function)
Very high wear resistance
Perfect behavior under severe abrasion conditions
Resistance to corrosive environments due to chrome content Specific shapes obtained through molding





DURCAST® Blocks Stock Program

Disks Blocks Bars Skid Blocs
200 x 25 x 25
75 x 50 x 32
150 x 50 x 50
230 x 50 x 50
460 x 50 x 50
240 x 40 x 23
240 x 65 x 23
240 x 90 x 29
250x 250 x 45

For specific applications and within the limits of production capabilities, it is possible to manufacture custom parts according to blueprints.

Mechanical Characteristics of DURCAST® Blocks

Base Cast iron Connection
Mild steel type S235 White martensitic cast iron, grade CrMo 15-3
Average hardness 700 HV
Matrix hardness 650 HV
Carbides hardness 1300 HV
Carbide volume 30% minimum
Copper base under inert atmosphere
Mechanical resistance >250 MPa




Fields of application


DURCAST® is particularly designed for treating areas with severe and limited wear, areas with severe abrasion under heavy stress, or impact zones.

Crusher side liners,
Bucket cheeks,
Bucket bottoms,
Stone boxes,

This list is not exhaustive; feel free to consult with us to determine if DURCAST® is the suitable solution for your specific needs.



Fixing method for the DURCAST® wear block


He peripheral welds of the wear block must be protected:

Either by positioning the elements to prevent the movement of abrasive materials on the weld (staggered mounting) Or by using DURCOR tubular electrodes for final protective pass Or by combining both techniques.

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