DURAPLATE is the benchmark brand for anti-abrasion composite plate.

The most comprehensive range of overlays in the market.

10 times more resistant than standard anti-abrasion steels.

For over 25 years, Welding Alloys and Produr have been offering the most comprehensive range of hardfaced plate in the market.

The DURAPLATE® hardfaced plate consists of a base (either construction steel, anti-abrasion steel, or stainless steel) and a coating based on carbides.
Chrome, niobium, vanadium, and titanium carbides enable it to withstand all wear challenges.

The combination of base metal performance with complex carbides allows for the creation of customized composite products.

D31T D34T D38T D45T HiSPEED</


Hardfaced plate with chrome carbides.

With a hardness of 60 to 62 HRC and hard phases of 1300 to 1650 HV, this product is perfectly suited for severe mineral abrasion conditions up to a temperature of 300°C.


Thicknesses  (mm) Format (mm) Hardness (HRC)
3+1 / 4+2 2900 x 1400 60-62 HRC

Main applications:
linings, wear blades, hoppers, cyclones, separators, screens, pipelines, and all fabricated parts, etc.

Datasheet Duraplate D31T


Wear due to material sliding.

Hardfaced plate with Chrome, Niobium, and Vanadium carbides.
With a hardness of 62 to 64 HRC and hard phases ranging between 2000 and 2900 HV, this product is the ultimate solution for all highly severe mineral abrasion challenges. This alloy can operate at temperatures up to 600°C.


Thicknesses (mm) Format (mm) Hardness (HRC)
5+3, 6+4, 8+5, 12+8, 10+10 2900 x 1400, 2900 x 1900 62-64 HRC


Main applications: Linings, casings, cyclones, separators, screens, fans, pipelines, tunneling machines, screw conveyors, pick-up blades, and all fabricated parts.

Datasheet Duraplate D45T


High-impact and material sliding.

Hardfaced plate with titanium carbides. With a hardness of 52 to 55 HRC and composed of hard phases of 3200 HV, this hardfaced plate is designed to combat combined abrasion and impact phenomena.


Thicknesses (mm) Format (mm) Hardness (HRC)
8+4,10+4, 12+4, 10+8 et 12+8 2900×1400, 2900×1900 52-55 HRC


Main applications: Linings, scalpers, screens, tunneling machines, cutter housings, pick-up blades, and all fabricated parts, pipelines

Datasheet Duraplate D38T


Wear by high-speed fine particles.

With a patented design, the ultra-thin HARDLITE plates are intended for special applications. With a hardness of 68 HRC and a thickness of just 4mm, they are ideal for providing protection while minimizing weight.


Thicknesses (mm) Format (mm) Hardness (HRC)
2+2, 2+3, 3+2 1950 x 950 64-66 HRC


Main applications: Cyclones, separators, fans, pipelines.

Datasheet Duraplate D34T


Wear due to sliding and clogging.

Hardfaced plate composed of fine particles of chrome carbide distributed in a ductile matrix. With a hardness of 58 to 60 HRC, this hardfaced plate, with its smooth and crack-free appearance, is designed to combat clogging phenomena. Additionally, it maintains its temperature up to 450°C.


Thicknesses (mm) Format (mm) Dureté (HRC)
5+5, 6+6, 6+7
8+8, 10+10, 12+12
3000×1000 59-62 HRC


Main applications: Mill liners, screens, hoppers, chutes, dumper linings, buckets, etc.

Datasheet Duraplate HiSpeed

Discover our DURSTEEL® Range, the standard anti-abrasion steel developed by the wear solution specialist for 50 years!


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